Buy-side Services

Whether you are an individual looking to acquire your first company or a business or equity firm looking for additional acquisitions, Water Street Advisors brings experience to assist you in the process. We do not simply look for companies listed for sale but instead scour the market to find the business that does not yet know it is for sale.

We begin by understanding your interests, needs and capabilities. If you are an existing business looking to grow through acquisition we will help you assess your readiness to acquire another company and help you discover if your current infrastructure can handle the stress that acquiring a business can bring. Additionally, Water Street Advisors will help evaluate your financial capacity to acquire.

Water Street Advisors assists in developing the profile of the “ideal” candidate. This will include size (revenue, employees, etc.), location and industry. Using this information we identify potential businesses and approach them on a confidential basis on your behalf. Your name is never disclosed until a confidentiality agreement is in place.

In addition to the confidential searches, Water Street Advisors can facilitate initial meetings and manage the ongoing transaction through due diligence to closing. We work with your team to make sure the transaction meets the overall objectives established and results in the financial success you expect.

Sell-side Services

Water Street Advisors uses a custom approach to each of their sell-side assignments. It starts by understanding the client’s desired outcome. This could be as simple as determining company value or price expectations, but generally involves more complex issues such as employee retention, future role in the company and other matters. Once we have the needed clarity and understanding we begin tailoring the formal process to the desired outcome.

Transaction Preparation

Water Street Advisors works with your chosen team (often your accountant and attorney) to prepare for the sale process. This preparation is critical to the overall success of the project and lessens the likelihood of unpleasant surprises as the transaction progresses. This allows additional insight into your business and its prospects so we can develop the best “investment thesis” for your organization. The investment thesis showcases the core competencies and competitive differentiators that encourage buyers to pay full value.

A Hands-on approach

Water Street Advisors is involved in every part of the process. From the selection of the best buyers to the distribution of materials, the solicitation of bids, and the coordination of due diligence we are the “face” of the process. This allows the owner and key employees to continue to focus on the business and maintain the overall confidentiality of the process.

Planning Services

Strategic Planning

Owners of businesses often spend too little time working on the business. They get caught up in the day-to-day of the business demands and fail to work on longer term needs and goals of both the business and their retirement. Water Street Advisors works with owners and key managers of private companies to develop a sound plan with actionable steps. The process is set in motion when the plan is complete and then is continually monitored to make sure the business stays on track.

Exit Planning

Everyone ultimately experiences an exit. This can be as simple as retiring from a company or the more complicated sale of a business. The sale of a business requires substantially more preparation and planning. Water Street Advisors works with the business owner and their other advisors to make sure both the owner and the business are adequately prepared for the transition. We identify key value drivers and work to enhance those while eliminating the value detractors. Water Street Advisors also brings the expertise of financial advisory training to make sure as an individual you are properly preparing for the exit.

CEO Services

Our consultants bring significant experience in assisting companies with strategic and tactical initiatives to improve performance. Whether your business is currently looking for a new president or is in need of an experienced executive to provide ideas and guidance to improve operations or “fix” a problem, Water Street Advisors can provide the talent needed.

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